Yes! Hello world! Default post with default title. I guess I had to keep it cos … you know … HELLO WORLD!


So after that rather inconsequential start, my new blog is called Altaholics Diary. I make no excuses for the fact that I love my alts. And I just realised I may need to define some terms used here for those people that came along not realising what this funny titled blog is all about.

  • This Blog = A World of Warcraft blog (Oh no not another one!)
  • Alt = An alternative character to a players main character.
  • Altaholic = A person who likes to play many different alt’s and not always his main character.

I have been on the WoW scene for going on three years. I remember the heady days of logging in as a fresh faced noob just after Burning Crusade was released, just breathlessly taken away by all the purply, swirly, mystical goodness that is Teldrassil (yes, I started as a Night Elf) and getting frustrated with the fact that my newly minted Priest seemed to die more than anything else. (“I Smite you heathenous creature of the… oh crap!”)

Call my Altohlism an attempt at recapturing those “glory” days when everything was so fantastic and new and shiny .. and stuff. I don’t care. I’m one of those people that paid for the box set, pays a monthly subs and wants to max out every little iota of contenty goodness I can from these lower levels cos I damn well paid for it. Gimme!

Which begs the question. What about all that lovely, shiny, end game stuff?

End game! Why call it end game for gods sake? Why not make it sound totally like you have finished the game by calling it “End Game”. Its almost as if the fact that killing mobs and doing quests no longer gives you experience is enough indication so lets highlight the fact that you reached level 9873498734 by actually calling it “This is the End of The Game!”.

Seriously though, I have never really felt the draw to pretty much do the same thing day in and day out. Its kind of like your reward for “Ending The Game” is an endless loop of “Run HC’s”->”Get Emblems”->”Get Gear”->”Run HC’s”->repeat… Thats an awesome way to really make someone aspire to reaching level cap by doing what amounts to menial labour day in and day out.

Sure if you’re an Epeen-waving M&S (as Gavlon at GreedyGoblin likes to call them), then the end game grind is for you. Go you! Me? Meh!

As some kind of Justification for my altaholic nature I present the list of my (current) characters. Expect it to change over time:

  • Dranok: Night Elf Holy Priest – Aerie’s Peak (If anything was going to be my main, then this would be it)
  • Kruntak: Tauren Protection Warrior – Chamber of Aspects
  • Shandrys: Night Elf Druid – Aerie’s Peak
  • Jenita: Human Mage – Aerie’s Peak
  • Trianul: Troll Shaman – Chamber of Aspects
  • Filura: Gnome Protection Warrior (cos the only thing better than one warrior is TWO) – Aerie’s Peak
  • Enumerable other characters of certain race/class combinations that are scattered across realms or been deleted that I cannot for the life of me remember.

So expect me to blog here about my fancies and adventures on Azeroth with a motley cast of characters, most of which I flip between and around and amongst and I will stop the tautologous speak right now. I am not going to promise a post schedule as I will post when I see fit or have something to share. Suffice it to say, this blog will remain ugly and “default” until I have learnt how to customise it better.

If anyone at this early stage may be reading this first post (woo to me if they are) then feel free to post your thoughts on alts and neglect of mains. Me? Time to sort out how this WordPress blog UI works.