Ahhh, the PUG. Definitely a WoW bloggers canon fodder. There are some blogs dedicated to the topic, like Pugging Pally (a fun read, you should give it a try). Needless to say, being the altaholic that I am, I tend to run one or two PUG’s. From the Hunter that refused to get Aspect of the Viper to the Druid healer that took control of giving directions and then running the wrong way all the way to the ubiquitous “Gogogogogo”, yup, I seem to enjoy abuse.

But I have come to a decision. When I am on my Warrior tanking away and I know the instance well enough, I am in charge. Don’t go pull extra mobs because you think we can handle it or you are in a hurry. I will note that the healer is having no problem and start doing bigger pulls adjusting the size of the pulls according to what we can handle. And don’t “Gogogog” me. If I am not rushing to the next mob there is a reason, like healer mana, ressing and so no.

In fact, I am goign to create a macro to announce this to the party when I zone into an instance because by god its frustrating. Something along the lines of:

“Guys, I will pull mobs and will pull bigger if I see we can handle it. Do not pull extra because it can cause more problems than help. If I am waiting after a pull its for a reason. If you Gogogo me or decide you know better and do pull you will end up waiting for another tank!”

Sounds cocky right? Well its not! I have had a couple of instances where a pull was made by a DPS to another group of mobs and it resulted in a wipe. The reason is simple. I am focussed on what I have to tank right now. If you decide to pull another group over, I might not see. Even if I do, I then have to fight the aggro off of you and my primary group aggro ability as a warrior, namely Thunder Clap, may be on cooldown.

What happened to make us wipe this weekend was exactly that combined with the fact that I am currently getting clobbered, so heals are incoming. One guess who ends up getting aggro then! Thats right, my squishy healer suddenly has a ton of mobs on him and I can do very little except bring the group that is already on me closer to the squishy healer in an attempt to pull the new lot off him, losing threat on the rest cos I am no longer tanking I am now doing damage control.

1. Death Grip is the best spell “EVVA!”

So where to start with recollecting all the “fun” I had this weekend. One that immediately springs to mind is the group that consisted of me tanking, a Priest healer, a Mage and two Death Knights. Seems ok except for the fact that the Mage was level 63 where I was only at 57. Now this doesn’t sound like a problem at face value, except for the fact that the Mage in question was Blizzard-spamming constantly. And being 6 levels above your tank means that, you guessed it, aggro is bound to be incoming. At first I just couldn’t understand why the damned mobs were peeling off me as if I was insignificant. I was following my usual tanking priority/rotation mechanic (Thunder Clap > Revenge > Tab+Devestate > Shield Slam > etc), but still they kept running off of me to the Mage, scoffing at my lowly DPS and rightly realising that that squishy guy in a dress was the real threat and a much easier target!

It took me a while to figure that out simply because I was being frustrated by both Death Knights deciding Death Grip was the awesomest spell “EVVA!”. Both were constantly Death Gripping mobs off me. Then there was the one DK who was trying to make a fashion statement by running around naked. Yup, I guess he thought that the Death Knight plate armour look just wasn’t working for him darling!

Combine all that really frustrating stuff with a Priest who didn’t seem to have the throughput. Or it may have been that he thought Greater Heal was the only spell he had, cos that was all he seemed to be casting. When he got desperate, a bit of Holy Nova also made its way out. Now, Holy Nova is a great spell now that they have removed any threat generation from it, but I know from experience that a Priest standing in the middle of all the crap going on on my end isn’t always a good thing, and boy does that spell OOM you quick.

All that in ONE group. After we wiped twice I left. It was not going to work. You cannot tank an instance where everything you’re tanking either gets forcefully ripped away from you or people just don’t watch their threat generation.

2. Back to my Priest and some sanity

After that I logged out of my baby Warrior and back onto my Priest main. I needed something where people knew what they were doing.

So it was with a certain amount of frustration that I go from being the tank to relying on one. And got the tank from hell. You know the type. The one that thinks hes uber and turn a Halls of Stone Heroic run into a healing nightmare. My Shadowbeast was on permanent cool down as I desperately tried to keep up the mana because the guy would not stop, even after shouting at him to do so. Repeatedly. Over and over again. I am oom and he decides that first part of the instance running through those rocky, dug out halls to the rock boss (forget his name) is a great place to pull EVERY MOB IN THE CAVERN.

He runs off. Vanishes into the distance while I am drinking. DPS go trundling after but I already knew the outcome, so I stay seated. My ass stayed firmly attached to ground, sipping my Honeymint Tea, as he starts shouting “HEALS!”. I calmy replied: “Oh sorry, I told you I was out of mana and I needed to drink. Maybe if you had waited 20 seconds it would saved the 2 minutes it will take me to res all of you”.

That was the one saving grace. Because I was so far away the mobs didn’t aggro me. Unfortunately, because the tank had run so far away, there were some mobs between me and the groups corpses. Thankfully the corpse run for HoS is short, so they were back soon. After that the tank was just a leetle more considerate.

Oh and after, I found out that he was actually specced DPS. Great job Mr PewPew … tank you are not.

There were just far too many other PUG groups this weekend that detailing them all would take all day. Like the level 55 DPS Warrior with 1 green item, 1 blue item (from the satchel) and the rest of his gear was white. Don’t ask me how he achieved getting to 55 without at least getting all green but hey, who am I to question. Needless to say, he was dead at the end of EVERY pull.

Much fun was had. Some frustration and quite a few laughs. Wonder what I am going to get in future.