Usually in WoW, I play either my tank or healer characters. For me being either in control of a group or responsible for the groups well-being has appealed. DPS has always been a little side interest and doesn’t feel as compelling to me for some reason. Hey, everyone has their preferences, and that happens to be one of mine.

Just as a change of pace I logged onto one of my DPS characters, Tyrandus, my little hunter. Now, she only had one pet, a bear, and was at level 27. I know that for maximum DPS in an instance a better pet would be something like a wolf. So I decided to queue for an instance because I know long they can take as DPS (another reason I prefer tanking or healing) while I flew from Darnassus to Astranaar to go tame me a wolf.

As luck would have it, the “Enter Dungeon” button pops just as I land in Astranaar so wolf I have not. I go in anyway, because at this level, it probably doesn’t make that big a difference.

Zoning in we end up in Blackfathom Deeps. Not my favourite instance but what the hell. We seem to have an ok group looking at the class structure; a Shaman Healer, a Pally tank, a Rogue and a Warlock. Nice diverse group. That was until I took a look at the Paladin more intently.

What role would you expect a Holy Specced Paladin with a two-handed mace to play? You might not be able to decide between healer, because of the talent spec, or DPS because of the great big hammer he was swinging round, but tank? Someone comments on this, the Warlock in fact, that he has no shield and is specced Holy.

“But I can keep myself alive with heals” is his response. Way to go and throw that into the healers face, but the Shammy didn’t seem to mind. I pretty much kept my mouth shut at this point. But by god he was slow. As one example we had just killed the Murloc boss and are standing outside the little Murloc cavern. My Hunter’s Mark goes up over the next Naga I am assuming we are going to attack … and we wait. We wait some more. I am just about to type something (not “gogogogo’ because I so hate that when DPS do it) when the paladin healer/dps/tank pipes up with “So shall we do this?”

“Yes please, we’re all waiting for you!” I think he forgot he was tanking.

So we carry on. With interminably long pauses between each pull, waiting for who knows what. Totally frustrated by now, seeing as we had been in this instance for over an hour, I kinda snapped and got my fluffy little bear to run all the way down one corridor to a mob right at the very end, aggroing everything along the way. Naughty I know.

We were fine, we DPS’ed them down, Shaman had Heirloom gear so could keep up the heals with no problem and we cleared what would have taken us another 10 minutes in 1. Then its time to enter that hall filled with Warlock type adds right before the second-to-last boss. Due to some serious mismanagement by the tank, my bear’s growl had to be turned back on in order to peal mobs off of me, the healer and pretty much everyone else.

The boss, standing in front of that shrine goes down. So I go ahead and light one of the braziers.

“Noooooooo … don’t! If we light them all at once then no mobs come out!” comes the shriek from the paladin. Unfortunately he was wrong. We kill the mobs that spawned because of my brazier lighting, then they proceed to light all three others, all at once. Needless to say that fight was interesting but we do it.

At this point though, running to the last boss, the paladin berates me.

Him: “Damn huntard! If we had lit them all at once we would have had nothing spawn”
Me: “I don’t know where you get your info from but all that would have happened was that we would have been swamped with mobs as they would ALL come out at once”
Him: “You are wrong. We would have had nothing. I know, I been playing WoW since day one”
Me: “-Raises eyebrow- When was day one exactly?”
Him: “2008, when else? Now listen to me cos I am tanking and you are ONLY DPS”
Me: “So are you with that mace idiot. Or are you a healer with Holy talents. But no you want to tank. Without a shield. Without Protection talents”

We got that last boss down, I got my satchel. I looked over at the DPS meter. Tyrandus wears no Heirloom gear. “Oh, by the way, this ONLY DPS out DPS’ed everyone that came into this group by about 10%, with no special gear using a BEAR pet”. I posted the DPS meter. “And FYI, WoW celebrated 5 years this year … day one was 2005!” and left.

So all you DPS guys and gals out there, unless you’re ability to hurt the enemy is really bad, I have a new found respect for you and will never ever knock that role in a group again. Seriously. There is enough “only DPS loz” from tanks and healers around and I won’t do it anymore.