Last night I decided to play around on Dranok, my Holy Priest main. Decided to get going with a bit of AH management, some bag clean up and then … “DUN DUN DUN” … queue for a random HC to get my daily 2x Frost Emblems. I do have a serious problem with PUG runs as a healer though. Why is it there is always one -insert name of phallic object here- in the group? Or more than one, which seems to happen quite often too. The type of guys that aren’t bad per se, but do all those minor annoyances that piss healers off. What minor annoyances you ask? Lets describe them quick.

Rez plox

What the fuck is “plox”? And don’t give me that “It means please” response, I KNOW that. What I don’t understand, how is it any harder to type “please”, or even “plz”? Cos that three-letter variety is an actual understandable abbreviation.

Symantics aside, after a pull, and your decorating the ground with your slowly decaying carcass, do you really need to ask to get ressed? Really? Its my job for god’s sake! Me not ressing you is like me not healing the tank. If I didn’t do it feel free to kick my ass. Don’t go asking. We just had an encounter so intense that I couldn’t keep your squishy ass alive and had to focus on healing myself and tank to such an intense degree that afterwards I may just need a few seconds to myself to ensure there’s no collateral damage (DOT’s don’t stop ticking with the fall of the last mob), readjust my dress, and then see who needs ressing. I will get there, I will do my job, give me chance!

If you constantly bug the healer for ressing, you may as well, everytime you take damage, shout for heals. Not the most efficient way to handle an instance but hell if thats how you prefer to roll, I’ll oblige by only healing you on request.

Heals plox

This is the bigger daddy of the issue above. Its rarer but still happens. And I can’t fathom why. If you are the tank and you are not recieving healing there may be a few reasons why:

  • You don’t stop running. Healers cannot heal you out of range or if they are LoS’ed.
  • You don’t stop … at all. Not giving your healer a chance to get mana back means you won’t get heals.
  • Your healer is inept: And this does happen. Full mana bar, clear LoS, 5 feet behind you and … well I don’t know what he could be doing that he just is not healing you. Its never happened to me as a healer. I heal. And if your healer is the inept kind, you still don’t need to ask for heals, just kick him already.

If, however, you are DPS, there is only one additional reason you don’t get heals. If the tank is taking huge amounts of spike damage, and the healer has to focus every iota of healing clout he has at the tank, I’m afraid you’re not going to get much. It’s called a healing priority. Tank > Healer > DPS. And I know some DPS guys will come back with “But if there is no DPS the boss won’t go down”. But look at it this way. One DPS goes down, we slow down the kills. Two DPS go down, it is now tough, but as long as healer doesn’t OOM we are ok. All DPS down, now its incredibly hard with only a slim chance of doing it, using every mana regen ability and mana pot I can kinda hard. But, the tank goes down, wipe! See what I mean about priority?

In summary, don’t ask for heals. If your healer is really that bad, the tank can initiate a vote kick. Otherwise get used to decorating the floor with your corpse.

Then came the run from heaven

Zoning into an already underway PUG run is always a little scary. Why did the other healer leave? Was he kicked? Was the group so bad that he just decided to go? Or is it something as mundane as he needed to go eat supper? You never really know. Pit of Saron, just before Ick. I hit the three mass-buff spells, top everyone off health-wise and drink. The other four are waiting. With a quick swap of “Hi” between us, I PW:S the tank, and he’s off.

No problems whatsoever.  Everyone is doing everything they can to avoid obviously avoidable stuff. That poison patch that lands on the ground? They move before it lands. The pursuit? They keep out of range. The Poison Nova? Everyone scatters. In short, these guys are acting as if this is a full on raid where you need to respond and none of that “Just heals through it lolz” crap I hate so much. Ick goes down.

Jaina tells us how awesome we are and off we go to climb that hill to the cavern of falling ice. We had just finished Ick, I’m too low on mana, I say in party chat “Need mana”, but the Paladin tank goes on in anyways. With 21% mana and Shadowbeast on CD, I oom, we wipe.

During the corpse run the Paladin says, verbatim, “Dranok, what happened to the healing?”. He may be accusing me. He may just simply making a simple request. But the fact that he used my name and asked in a coherent fashion instead of the usual “what happend thr heals?” endears me to him a little and I feel a little bad responding with “I was low on mana before you pulled and was drinking”.

I wait. A few seconds go past. I wait some more for the inevitable tirade of abuse that follows a statement where the responsible and at-fault party tries to deflect the blame.

“Sorry about that, my bad. I see you did tell me that. I’ll watch better”

The thud of jaw striking table-top could be felt as tremors throughout the quiet neighbourhood. I was in shock. Speechless. A considerate tank willing to take the blame for his fault. Holy crap! But it doesn’t end there.

We get back, buffs, drinks, bubble, etc and pull the next pack. Unfortunately this time round the DOT’s were stacking far quicker than I could dispel them, and the tank was taking a pounding, as well as everyone else in the group. I have no idea why this next pack was so damned tough. We eventually get them down, but the mage was a crumpled pile of robes and staff. As I am busy ressing him (note: he didn’t ask), “Sorry I couldn’t keep you up there mate”.

“No worries. The tank was taking a pounding. Good job on keeping him up”.

I nearly collapsed in a heap. I was in love (and I don’t swing that way). Could this really be a DPS understanding the concept of healing priority? I let him DIE and he’s COMPLIMENTING me?!?! Holy Crap number 2!

Unfortunately it was not to last. And it was nothing they did or didn’t do. It was something my Internet provider decided to stop doing. Run through the cavern with no problem, drinking before pulling the last boss, I bubble paladin and off we g…… aaaaahhhh crap! My Internet had died. It took a full 20 minutes to get back online again. I was going to pester them after the last kill for another random run. I didn’t want to let go. THIS is what a PUG run should be like. Not some group of “gogogog” DPS and inconsiderate tanks who seem to make “LoS the Healer” a game to be played. And I couldn’t friend them. I couldn’t run another random with them. I was severed from them brutally and savagely by the vagaries of Internet technology.

There are too many blogs out there telling the bad stories. I was so pleased I had a good one to tell. I really hope I can bump into those folks again.