You know what? I don’t know what I am doing in WoW anymore! Seriously. I have alts I play, some healer, some DPS, some tank. My main is a Holy Priest, yet I am enjoying playing my Tauren tank at the same time (who is know at 62 and in Outland).

But more and more I find myself logging in, looking at my character selection screen and just … staring. Heal? Tank? Maybe some mindless DPS for a bit? Then I wonder if I should focus on one character and start raiding with him, but I know I will eventually get bored and mess people around because the way most guilds are you need to fulfil your raid commitments else you leave people in the lurch counting on you being there on time.

I could, of course, just PUG raid, but holy crap, thats another can of worms. The last PUG raid I did was for my first weekly quest I ever tried to do. Yes, I am not a big raider and I guess I have just provided evidence how much love my “main” actually gets. But that PUG just about put me off PUGging raids at all. It was  for the Lord Marrowgar Must Die Weekly, an ICC weekly, and it was simply abominable. 30 minutes to clear trash in the first section due to over-excited tanks “accidentally” pulling too much. Then the trap was fired off early while healers were still drinking after a wipe res and buff session. I abandoned it. It was going nowhere.

I’m wondering if what I need for my main is a change of scenery. Either change my main to the Tauren Warrior tank and start raiding on him or switch my Priests spec entirely to Discipline and try that out. Perhaps even make my priest a Shadow Priest as my main spec instead of healing?

One of my problems with raiding in WoW is that real life doesn’t necessarily allow me to commit to too much. Not to mention the fact that living in South Africa means that when most guilds start a raid for the night, I am 1-2 hours ahead of them and the raids are during the week. I work! Going to bed 2-3 nights a week at 1 am will not make my boss all that happy, and turn me into an uncommunicative git in the office the next day.

Not to mention that I have a fiance and we live together. I’d like to spend some time with her. For me the perfect raiding guild to join would have the following characteristics:

  • Raids are run on Fridays and/or Saturdays. I am not a social butterfly, so I spend most Fridays or Saturdays at home. Plus, late night raiding those nights would not piss my boss off.
  • Failing weekend raiding, weekday raids end at 11pm my time. Going to bed around 11 I can cope with. That still gives me 6-7 hours worth of sleep.

Funny thing is, the closest guild I have found that does this is a guild run by Greedy Goblins Gevlon. They only runs raids Saturday nights and thats only if they have enough players online to form a raid. Seems to suit me perfectly. No schedule that I absolutely have to meet and a time I am more capable of meeting. There is one additional aspect to this as well that sort of appeals to me.

I have never been a gear-whore. The latest spangly bit of epic gear really doesn’t mean much to me. I am in WoW to the play the game, not show off my Gearscore. Unfortunately, most people base your skill on your GS not on your actual skill.

Where Gevlon’s guild is different, is that they raid, but only in blue gear, which is why the guild is called “Undergeared”. No raider is allowed to participate wearing epics. “lolwut?” you might be asking, but I kind of like this idea. Putting aside all the crap he discusses about teaching M&S something (Morons and Slackers for those who have not read his blog), I simply like it in that its an interesting challenge. I don’t like the way WoW has gone to simplify everything for all the players and make content easy. Gearing a character is a joke and done easily (got my Priest from a GS of 3000 to 4500 in two days for example), and most guilds just overgear encounters as their tactic to win it. So this idea, to me at least, seems like a heap of fun.

Look at it this way. What better way to improve your skill in raids than not allow players to just overgear it? I’m not one to go into Ulduar and just face-roll my way through, thats not fun. From his project, I can have fun trying my best to ensure that the way I play is fully optimised and not just the gear my character wears.

So maybe I’ll do that? Transfer my Tauren tank to that realm and join Undergeared. Perhaps I’ll finally find my niche I enjoy so much with a guild that still raids but allows me the time to live my life and do everything else I like to do in WoW at the same time … like play all my alts.