In all this time since I last posted I have had some issues actually getting into WoW. Everything from Internet connection issues, sickness, lots of work to do, visits all over and a bunch more. Its at times like these I wish that WoW was either light enough to run on, say, a netbook and/or have an offline mode. Not realistic I know, but one is allowed to dream and ponder the possibilities when one has bugger all else to do.

That reverted recently, over the last week or so, and I have been able to spend a lot more time on my not-so-baby tank Kruntak. In fact I have joined a pretty awesome guild on Chamber of Aspects; Dragon Lords. Defining this guild is slightly tricky, and makes me question why we always need definitions, but in essence this is a casual (hate that word but its the most “understood”), friendly guild of people who just play WoW. But over the past two weeks the guild has been showing signs of wanting to do a bit of raiding. Not hard-core progression, and not even necessarily getting Arthas down before the next expansion. Just doing some raiding maybe once or twice a week to see the content.

Why is this guild awesome? This is the funnest and most helpful bunch of guildies I’ve ever had the opportunity to play with. When I was still in Nagrand and had all those group quests and the Ring of Blood group of quests, I decided to see if there was anyone in the guild that might be willing to take a few minutes to help me out.

Now, ALL other guilds, a request like “I have a few group quests to do , would anyone be able to help” would often produce  a silence crickets are eager to fill. But not this one. After the text had hit guild chat, I had 5 people all immediately respond, and within 10 minutes I had a large group of people all flying around with me in Nagrand, finding those elite mobs, burning them down (sometimes so eagerly we had to wait for a respawn for one because I wasn’t in range yet to get the quest completion for it) and then off to the Ring of Blood. Even now, questing in Dragonblight, asking for help brought out 2 people to come help.  Every single time I have asked for help with group quests, someone has come to help. No exceptions.

The guild does find itself in a bit of a quandary, however. They want to start raiding, predominantly, as I said before, just for something to do and to see the content. Personally I have never been a big raider, but I think the single biggest part of this was that I could never find a guild I really felt like I fit in with. And also due to my own predilection to want to progress through all content and not just fire straight into the latest progression stuff.

I want to see and experience Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, Ulduar, etc. And now Dragon Lords is looking at getting started with raiding in Naxxramas. Perfect for me. After we get that content down we will move onto the next most difficult raid. This is the way I like to play, to progress through content in sequence and experience as much as I can.

Which is also why, on my advancement to 80 for my Warrior, I am questing in Northrend (currently parked in Grizzly Hills) so that I can experience that content in sequence too, which is something I didn’t do on my 80 Priest, he was levelled through LFD exclusively.

The quandary for Dragon Lords comes from the fact that the guild doesn’t really have that many raid-capable players, not even for a full 10-man yet. The legacy of being a friendly, social, levelling guild is that anyone that was after raiding content had left. We do have a few people ready and keen but we need more. And recruiting for entry-level raiding in these days of “downing Arthas”, is actually pretty tricky. For one, once my Warrior hits 80 he will be PUGging HC’s a ton (when fellow guildies aren’t available to help run them) to gear up ASAP. He will be the guilds main tank for the raids. We also have a paladin (the GM) ready to be off-tank, a few DPS and one healer.

This is the first time ever in WoW I am actually looking forward to end-game content. To do it with a bunch of fun, helpful people who kind of have the same goals I do (raiding for experience of content rather than willy-waving on progression). The next couple of months, if the guild can sort out its lack of raid-ready player woes, looks to be very interesting indeed.

Altaholic is going on a detox and choosing a new “main” for a little while.