Tamarind over at Righteous Orbs posted something that just made me want to post in response to. He discusses the use of “elitism” in WoW and its impact on how we view others around us. I know, three posts in two days, its unheard of, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity as it struck cords with me.

I think the issue with elitism goes a step further than Tam suggested even. Kruntak is my Warrior tank that I faithfully levelled up. And I know this will sound like tooting my own horn, but throughout every PUGged instance I did, I would get compliments on my ability as a tank, with people able to appreciate my actual performance regardless of my gear. This is at low levels.

What happens to people at 80 though? Its as if their appreciation and understanding of performace flies out the window as soon as they start gathering up emblems and gear. One can quite easily point to Gearscore being the cause of the majority of this thinking, but it isn’t just that. Hitting 80 on Kruntak and being able to queue for random HC’s in order to gear yourself up, you naturally take that course. That is essentially the only way to gear up once you hit 80 and eventually qualify gear-wise to actually queue for an HC. The drops are great and the emblems start stacking up to help as well.

So why is it that as I started tanking HC’s I would encounter dicks that would take one look at the generated number Gearscore provides or the HP of my freshly dinged 80 in pretty much all blues, and decide I should not be running HC’s?

One particular occurence sticks out. I queue randomly. In other words, I have NO control over where I will be sent except for what the game itself decides I am capable of doing, and get zoned into an Occulus run. I know, not the most fantastic HC that exists, but I am willing to see it through.

“Oh hell no! Not with that tank!” pipes up a 9873498734 GS mage. Starting to seethe at the umpteenth time that someone comments on my as yet unproven ability to tank an instance, I ignore him and get going. 20 minutes later, we are all looting the lovely chest after Eregos is down with nary a wipe in sight, able to hold aggro even with super-leet ICC 25 geared monster DPSer in the group (and he only pulled around 2-3k DPS anyways).

“So I guess ‘that’ tank wasn’t so bad after all” I chuck into party chat. Thats right knob, suck it up. No apology or anything, they all just stood there with their fingers up their arses waiting.

“Please leave” comes the eventual response and I realise they are all from the same guild, waiting for me to leave so that I guess they can get a “real” tank. I left in disgust.

There are just far too many other encounters similar to that to recount in this one post but that just stood out to me. Others include the “lolz, my penis has more HP than you” to yet another mage even saying “lol, i can tanks this instance” to which I responded “Sure, if you want that I can switch to Fury spec!”. Needless to say that instance went over fine as well with the mage behaving himself.

My question after all this is … how do these idiots expect someone to become an uber GS toting, 70k HP tank if they aren’t allowed to run HC’s? And then I wonder why they don’t realise the reason they spend so long queuing for an instance is because of a shortage of people willing to tank because of intimidation from dicks like them?

I am not the best tank ever in WoW. Occasionally I mess up. It happens. But I do work damn hard to do the best I can. Hell, I have even main tanked Naxxramas for christ’s sake, which is supposed to be harder than a lot of the HC’s I get flack for queuing for.

Unfortunately, the guys that react like this, killing baby tanks before they get started, are not the type to actually read articles like this. Sure it would be great to have yourself a 5k+ GS tank with over 40K HP, but guess what? Not all tanks ding 80 that way. We have to gear up just like everyone else.

This is my version of elitism. Not being able to realise that even YOU were at this stage of your characters development. Even YOU didn’t walk into your first HC toting the latest and greatest tier 9 gear. Now that you suddenly have a full ICC 25 everyone else is deemed unworthy? That is elitism too, and one that I wish could be stamped out.