Dragon Lords on Chamber of Aspects is now my home. And, as I mentioned in my previous post, I even spent money realm and faction transferring a character just to be here. I just couldn’t abandon my character I started the game with so many years ago to dust and mothballs. Meet Krunial:

From being a Night Elf to a Blood Elf. Can’t get more .. traitorous than that. I am sniggering slightly here at the thought. But at least now I can actually play this character when I am not tanking. And doesn’t she just look .. bad ass? That helm on a Night Elf just looked incredibly weird so it was always hidden on him, but with Krunial I think it adds a certain devilishness.

One of the funnest times I had since the switch was a quick PUG when I got into work yesterday morning. I really didn’t have much time (boss was immanently arriving), and so I asked the Bear Butt Tank to make it a quick run.

What I didn’t ask him was to blow my mind and make it a suicide run! Halls of Stone, chain pulling three to four packs at a time, and I am spamming Flash Heal’s, Circle of Healing, Serendipity hasted Greater Heals, Prayer of Mending, going totally bat-shit insane. Then we get to Bran.

Now that things have paused ever so slightly I look over to my mana bar. 92%. I hadn’t even popped a cooldown or a pot for mana regen and yet I was still perfectly capable of continuing chain pulls. Did Blizzard buff mana regen on Priests while I had my levelling/tanking hiatus on Kruntak? To say I was shocked was an understatement. I clearly remember having mana regen issues on this little priest. Or is the Blood Elf racial with increased base intellect really that OP?

Regardless, it was fun, exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Now I would love to try that kind of run on Kruntak, my tank:

He isn’t anywhere nearly as well geared as Krunial above, but perhaps on the easier instances I can actually start blowing other people’s minds and turn a Nexus run into a 5 minute affair. I guess I will have to experiment on that.

One barometer to measure my lack of experience with end game gearing, thanks to my affiliation with so many characters all at once, is the fact that I had no idea that the smithy “Tanks for Everything” actually sold emblem gear. Yup! I had no idea. I tried to scrounge gear that I could get from the quartermasters above the Horde inn with nary a clue that just down the road a bit was a bunch more waiting for purchase. Suffice it to say I ran a ton of HC’s to start grabbing some of the yummy Triumph gear so willingly provided by those vendors and he’s getting there just that much quicker now.

Looking forward to adding another 80 to this list in the near future too. The altaholic has not reverted his ways quite yet. There are a couple other characters slowly inching their way up the level mountain (a hunter, druid and mage to be precise). I think I might focus on a DPS first to 80 though. Sometimes its nice to not have the responsibilities of a tank or healer in an HC and (comparatively) slum it in a run.