I am trying to get my Warrior tank to level Blacksmithing. Previously he was a Miner/Enchanter but then I transferred Dranok from Aerie Peak and made the Night Elf dude into a sexy little Blood Elf. Why a female character? To be honest, Blood Elves just seemed to be the best based on racial stats and paying for a transfer I thought I’d try to get the race selection as optimal as I could. But I really do not like the male Blood Elves. They just seem too poncy to me. Like Hugh Grant’s Hair flick with David Beckham’s “duh I am so hot” mentality, it just seemed wrong. And besides … whose arse would you rather look at all day?

Anyywwaaayyys. Digression over. My transferred Priest, now called Krunial (Kruntak, Krunial … easier for guildies to recognise) was already max levelled into Enchanting, so it was pointless having two Enchanters. Dropped Enchanting on Kruntak and started off with Blacksmithing.

It has gotten the point where he now needs to do the specialisation quests in Orgrimmar. I decided on Armorsmithing and now need to do all those quests crafting stuff for this NPC so that I can get the recipe to craft stuff for that NPC which in turn lets me craft the stuff for … well I think you get the idea. Its complicated.

And then, to my dismay, the NPC that is supposed to give me a quest on the road to being an Armorsmith has no quest to give. /sad face

I pop open the ticket creation interface, type in the story and decide (due to past experience) that I will probably only see a response the next day. I queue for random HC, zone into Pit of Saron, and we start the run past the first few mobs.

“Hi there, my name is [insert unpronounceable name here]. I was wondering if you had a few minutes to discuss your ticket.” First pack is not even down yet, and I am Thunder Clapping, Cleaving, Demo Shouting, silently urging the DPS on to get these buggers down before the GM decides to just leave.

“Hi. I am just tanking PoS right now. Would you be able to wait till I am done?” I reply, biting my lip and hoping I don’t lose the very few opportunities you get these days to actually talk to a GM.

“Sure not a problem. But you had better win. This GM doesn’t talk to losers! :P” . I had to laugh. Someone with a sense of humour. But it shows that they often deal with morons because he felt he had to include another message “Jking :)”.

So I want to talk to this GM and fix my issue. And I am tanking PoS. Not some cakewalk intance like Nexus you can do in 10 minutes with one arm tied behind your back but an ICC instance. And as Murphy’s legislation states, “If you wish for an event you are currently occupied with to finish faster it will result in the inverse being true”.

Garfrost wipes us. Twice. DPS don’t want to get behind the boulder to drop the debuff. Ick and Krik wipe us once. DPS don’t want to run away from Poison Nova or the funny arcane explodey things. And even Tyrannus wipes us. DPS don’t want to stop DPS when he gets “overwhelmed with power”. Thirty minutes later I am hoping that the GM hasn’t fallen asleep at his keyboard.

Tyrannus is eating dirt and I pray that I still have a connection to the GM with a sense of humour. “Hi there. We’re done finally. Sorry for making you wait.”

“Wait wait. Did you win?”

Again a giggle from me and I admit that yes, finally, we did kick Tyrannus’ arse. In short order I hearth to Dalaran, portal to Orgrimmar and the GM gets said NPC to pop a little quest exclamation mark. Yippee.

A get the chance for a survey and give the guy full marks. He really was awesome and I note in the “extra comments” section that Blizzard really should try to have more GM’s online to answer tickets because just the simple fact that I got a response within minutes of posting a question already boded well for this guy. Its when you have those long waits that result in a GM response only being made when you next log in that you don’t feel too good about Blizzard’s in-game support. Its more of a forum-post style response then as opposed to an actual in-game support request.

I don’t know how things work over the pond, but on EU servers, GM’s take ages to respond. I was wondering though if lately anyone else has noticed a difference. Have Blizzard being beefing things up staffing-wise for GM’s? Has anyone else noticed much quicker responses or was I just coincidentally lucky this time round?