I have never been a big raider. Predominantly because I never have bloody time for it. I can’t spend multiple nights a week up late and so with the current guild I am in I have found a bunch of like-minded individuals who raid on Friday nights.

And we are not hardcore. We are completionists. We want to do Naxx first. And we are now one step closer. We have been attempting to get Heigan down for a few weeks now. I say weeks because of our casual nature, we don’t force anyone to attend so we had a week or two now we couldn’t raid because of lack of members available, and we want to make it a guild run not PuG it.

Our last attempt at Heigan we made about 9 attempts. While wiping over and over is not supposed to be fun we were having fun. We were there to try something not many of us had done before and we were having a blast. “Just one more…” become our mantra. We didn’t get him down unfortunately that night.

Come this Friday, it starts out as it did that raid a while back. People seem to be struggling to coordinate properly for the dance. And one thing I love about Blizzard’s raid design is there are fights where gear cannot save you. If you can’t dance with Heigan, even ICC 25 gear isn’t going to make up for that.

We wiped a few times as people started getting back into the groove. A number of times it was just me and our guild priest, Keevar, alive. While we could go on forever it seemed, Heigan was at 70% still, and just me trying to down him would have taken too damned long so we wiped it so we could all start again on another attempt.

But then … the bastard hit the dirt. Me, Keevar, and two others, (Elfpla our GM and Bloo our guild Hunter mascot) were the only ones left alive. My headphones had to be ripped off my face and chucked to the other side of my desk with the wooping and hollering that ensued. People were over the moon, myself included.

Oh, and then we downed Loatheb one shot 😀

I know its not Lichking. We don’t have Kingslayer titles. But I feel like we should. I am so pleased about our accomplishment that I don’t care if its not the greatest and toughest raid out there. For Dragon Lords, that was an awesome night where we showed that we can do that raid thing too.

Raiding like this can only be as much fun if you have a group of people you feel comfortable with. People that don’t push you to do what you don’t want and can have an awesome laugh with. At least for me. The fun night was all the quips and comments from all the graveyard runs back. The unending panting from the guy whose TS was stuck on permanent transmit (and the ensuing revenge panting back at him).

Congrats Dragon Lords. Now for Gluth!