You are running Forge of Souls. The healer disconnects, and a wipe ensues. Zoning to the graveyard, flap, flap to the entrance and in we go….

And we wait. One guy still has not rezzed at the entrance. The healer is already back from his untimely vanishing act, but you are still waiting for that one guy. Then it pops up… “wre is the entrnce lolz”. Resurrection ensues…

Oh, its not just ICC. Oh no no no. Almost all instances with a graveyard run longer than five feet results in the inevitable wait for some dufus who has no idea how to get back inside. The LFD system, while convenient, has created a syndrome whereby players never actually see the exterior of an instance. The knock-on effect of this, of course, is that you end up trying to guide someone in via vague descriptions of ┬á“See that funny metallic pointy bit to the west of the graveyard?well turn …. What do you mean where is west?”.

Not to mention the fact that you end up losing that disconnect with the rest of the WoW world. Where does this randomly spawned instance actually fit into our titanic struggle with the Lich King? The place could be in the Twisting Nether for all we know. And to be honest, unlike myself, most players don’t care, they just want uber lootz, and they could be playing an instance that sits within the largest known construction ever created on the face of Azeroth in order to safeguard all life on …. blah blah … lootz plOx.

Personally, the inconvenience aspect aside of waiting for some guy to find the entrance for the first time, I want to know why I am entering Utgarde Keep. What does this place have to do with the broader story of the expansion? Why are there zombies mining in here, being overseen by not-so-undead looking, oversized humans? Where did they get those drakes from? Not knowing would drive me bat-shit insane. I cannot fathom why people just don’t give a damn. I do!

And so do many other players it seems, because I stumbled across a blue post (maybe its old news to some but its the first I have heard) where Ghostcrawler says:

´╗┐Currently, come Cataclysm, in order for a character to gain access to the majority of dungeons through the Dungeon Finder, that character will need to first discover them via normal travel.

Yippeeee! We may not be back to the more “epic” feel of gathering the group outside the instance and summoning via summoning stone, but at least players are forced into actually putting the instance into context with the bigger, open world before they can run it in LFD. Now the only way that Blizzard could improve it, at least for me, is to make certain quests compulsory to complete/acquire before you can queue for an instance with LFD, but who am I kidding. The mindless uber lootz players would complain like stuck pigs about that.